What is my skin type?

See our 'My Skin Type' page for a full outline on skin types. How long until I see results? Research indicates that it takes roughly 28 days for skin cells to rejuvenate. Therefore, products should be given roughly one month to reveal the best results.

What if my skin is sensitive?

Don't stress! All of our products are 100% free from harsh chemicals, alcohol and artificial fragrance!

What makes your balms (moisturisers) so effective?

Our Morning and Night Balms are the stars of the show! It is vital to cleanse and exfoliate, but our keeping the skin hydrated is the key to clear skin!

Our Morning Balm is packed with vitamin C, which hydrates the skin, reduces skin redness and improves signs of tired under-eye circles. Our Night Balm is packed with Retinol (vitamin A), which unclogs pore, reduces wrinkles and evens out skin tone. 

What causes a break out?

Break outs are often caused by: blocked pores, excessive build up of oil (sebum) under the skin, hormonal changes, excessive stress and an unhealthy diet. 

Are the beads in your exfoliator plastic?

No ways! Our exfoliator makes use of 100% natural ingredients.

How long does one kit last?

Used correctly, one kit should last you 2 months.